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Bugs and Wildlife

Please report any sightings of Bears, Cougars or other dangerous wildlife to the camp host immediately.


Bugs and mosquitos may be present year-round. In the summer they are much more active and can be overwhelming at times.


Mice and can be found at our campgrounds. Please keep your site clean so that you don’t attract them.


Bears are frequently in the Watersprite Lake Area.  Bears have an incredibly acute sense of smell and can smell the smallest item of food at great distances. Bears are attracted to:

  • Anything that has been cooked or your are about to eat
  • Dirty barbecues or camp stoves
  • Any item associated with food prep or clean-up (dish rags, scrubbers, pots, pans, etc.)
  • Dirty dishwater
  • Garbage, wrappers, empty bottles, cans, condiments, or anything that has been in contact with food.
  • Containers for gas, oil, or other petroleum-products
  • Pet food bowls


  • Do not put any food items in your tent.  Keep all food, cooking supplies, and scented personal items stored in the bear caches provided
  • Pack it in, pack it out

Bears have long memories, your campsite may be clean now but if a bear received a reward there earlier, possibly by another user, it may be back so always be vigilant.

More information can be found at the Gov website Be Bear Aware

Additional Information regarding camping and wildlife can be found at


Campfires are NOT permitted at Watersprite Lake due to the sensitive Alpine Environment.  Campfires are prohibited in many backcountry areas, particularly those containing alpine and sub-alpine areas, or other sensitive environments. Pack a portable stove for cooking. Do NOT use natural resources from the park to make a fire even if a fire ring is present.

Pets are Discouraged at the Watersprite Lake Campground.

  • dogs must be on leash
  • must remain in close proximity to their owner and/or on the owners camping site
  • must be under control at all times
  • excessive noise is not permitted
  • DO NOT dispose of dog poop and/or poop bags into the outhouse. 
  • ALL poop bags must be packed out

Please do not allow your pets to dig holes in the campground.

Owners are responsible for picking up after their pets.

Road Conditions

To access the Watersprite Lake Recreation Site, you will need to travel along a gravel/dirt Forest Service logging road that may be rough and have potholes.

Forest Service Roads (FSR) are not maintained by the BCMC. It is up to the logging companies to maintain and repair these roads.

Thousands of people travel these roads all the time and therefore we do not know the road conditions at any given time as it changes daily depending on the weather and usage.

4 Wheel Drive is highly recommended, as well as some clearance. There are some steep sections of road and washouts that are difficult for 2WD vehicles to navigate.

We can not guarantee your vehicle’s ability to travel logging roads, nor do we provide refunds if your vehicle is not suitable to access the Watersprite Lake Trail.

Site Availability

We reserve 100% of our tent platforms at Watersprite Lake.


For Reservations, please check the online reservation calendar for availability.
Reservation holders can set up tents after 1pm

Visitor/Day Use

Day visitors are permitted at the Watersprite Lake Campground.

We do not have dedicated space for day users and do NOT have picnic tables for day use. Campsites are for the use of paid overnight campers only.

We do not have real time communications with the campgrounds and are unable to provide availability reports.