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All Bookings up to 60 Days in Advance Only

Hut price increases to 300 /night on July 1st, 2022

Emergency booking only: https://recsites.bcmc.ca/index.php/reservations/watersprite-lake-cabin-emergency-booking

If the hut is occupied you can still get into the hut for emergency access. You must pay the emergency rate online after which the system will email the door access code to the email address you provide. Check your inbox. In a serious emergency we will consider a refund. Being cold, wet and ill-prepared is not considered an emergency.

Additional information: For Maps and Downloadable GPX Tracks on how to reach and access the Watersprite Lake Cabin:

Information on Cel Coverate at the Watersprite Lake Cabin: https://recsites.bcmc.ca/index.php/bcmc-cabins/cel-coverage-at-the-watersprite-lake-cabin

The winter route from the "Candy Cane" parking lot along the old logging road has been brushed out and there is a safe place to cross Watersprite Creek after crossing the swamp. Stay on the right side of the swamp. In years when the snow lingers into late June and the trail is not melted out, you may wish to bring microspikes or an ice ax for the last steep stretch to the cabin.

Facilities: The cabin is outfitted with solar-powered lights but not a USB charging port. The lights are controlled by a windup timer located at the back left side of the cabin when you come in. You can wind it up for 120 minutes and then it will shut off automatically. The lights won't work until the timer is wound up. Please turn off lights when not in use and make sure they are off when you leave the cabin. If you leave the lights on the system may shut down for a few days until it recovers. There is not that much light hitting the solar panels in the winter, especially from November to January. Overly discharging the batteries will damage them. The cabin has group cooking gear for ten including, pots, frying pans, cups, plates, and utensils as well as a filter cone for making coffee (bring a number 6 filter) There is a two-burner, countertop, propane stove that takes the green, one-pound, propane cylinders that are widely available. All you need to bring is a propane fuel cylinder. There is also a spare stove for backup. Please take out any empty fuel cylinders. There are sleeping mats, but they are quite stiff. Best to bring your own.

There are two clean 20L pails for getting fresh water from the lake or creek or clean snow for melting water in the winter. There is also an older style avalanche shovel which is used for digging clean snow for water. Please don't use it as a dust pan. You can also get water from the lake, even in the middle of winter, by digging down 30 cm or so. Most lakes have layers of ice and water that can be reached without too much difficulty. Water from the lake should be boiled or treated.

The wood stove is air-tight. There is an adjustable vent below the glass door. Slide the handle on the vent to the left for starting the stove to let more air in. Leave the door slightly ajar until the larger pieces of wood are burning well. Then close the door and cut back on the air supply by moving the vent lever to the right. Once the stove has been going for a while and the cabin has warmed up you can greatly reduce your wood consumption by reducing the air flowing into the stove and slowing the rate of burn.

Notes & Restrictions

Locked cabin. Door access code emailed on payment.
The door to Watersprite Lake hut requires a Door Access Code [DAC] to be unlocked. The DAC is changed on a regular basis. You must have the DAC to unlock the cabin's door.
The DAC will be provided to you via email when your reservation is completed.
BCMC Custodians may be staying overnight at the Cabin at any time. Be prepared to present your booking confirmation to BCMC Custodians.
8 guests maximum (penalty for misuse)
Quiet hours 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. Quiet hours are for the benefit of active guests who want to sleep. If the custodian or other party asks you to be more quiet please be reasonable and curtail your activities.
Pack it in, pack it out. The hut has no garbage facility. Take out anything you brought up with you including any bottles. Leave no food behind including leftover liquor.
Drop in Hours are no longer permitted due to COVID-19.
Keep it clean (guests clean up)
Harsh mountain environment (not for novices or newbies). Be properly equipped. Be physically fit. Be properly trained.
If you are novice, a newbie or inexperienced join a mountain club and enjoy a safe trip. Do not reserve the hut otherwise.
Wood stove (all year)
Please conserve firewood. It is expensive to fly in. Do not burn firewood outside. Please do not cook food on top of the wood stove. Firewood is accessible via the trapdoor into the basement. Prior to departure, please ensure there is kindling and wood in the woodbox on the main floor when you leave. The next party in may be relying on it.
Pets/dogs are not permitted inside the cabin.

Additional Info

Hut capacity is 8 guests. The cabin has a main floor for cooking and socializing. The upper floor is for sleeping. The cabin is for active people who pursue mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and wilderness appreciation. It is not a party hut for party animals. Please respect our quiet hours.
Penalty for misuse. We rely on the honour system. If your party is more than 8 in size, or you allow others into the cabin you will be charged $250, for each day of contravention. The only exception is persons entering in an emergency who have received the door code from the automated system for emergency access.
Commercial groups. The rate is twice the non-member rate. Includes guides, guests in guided groups, film groups etc.

What to bring

Note down the door access code (the DAC) and keep it with you.
Take matches and a few sheets of newspaper for starting the fire.
(Optional) Take a fresh cloth for wiping down cooking and food preparation surfaces, e.g. J-Cloth or dish cloth.
Maps, driving instructions and GPS tracks (summer and winter routes, high resolution, avalanche paths) are available here: https://bcmc.ca/forum/#topic/GPX-files-Maps-for-Watersprite-Lake-Hut-Access-.htm
Be Bear Smart Bear Smart B.C.

What is provided

The cabin has a couple of large pots for melting snow on top of the wood stove. Please use them only for melting snow.
Outhouse. Become familiar with the outhouse rules posted in the outhouse.
Firewood all year. Axe for splitting wood.
Broom and dustpan.
Slop bucket. Empty the slop bucket at the designated tree marked with the orange diamond twenty paces north of the deck.

BCMC Entire Cabin Booking

Check in times

Quiet hours 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM

Policies & disclaimers

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation seven or more days prior
A guest may request cancellation of a reservation up to seven (7) days prior to the first day of the reservation. Send an email to the Club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your name, dates of reservation and the confirmation number, if possible. If the cancellation is authorized, an administration fee is charged of $10 or 10% of the amount, whichever is greater.

Cancellation less than seven days prior
No refunds for cancellation less than seven days prior to the first day of the reservation. There is no rescheduling of reservations. There are no refunds given for hazardous conditions prior to or during the booking dates.

Note that Mamquam FSR and Skookum Branch can be hazardous to drive. In winter, 4WD, high clearance with snow tires and chains on all four wheels is recommended. In summer, most 2WD vehicles will be able to drive to Skookum Branch at KM 13. Beyond that, the road is steep with loose rock. The trailhead is at KM 20. We expect people to have appropriate vehicles, equipment and driving skill for the roads. We do not give refunds based on the guests not being able to drive the roads. Do not reserve the hut if your vehicle is inadequate or improperly equipped or you do not have the necessary skills or experience to travel mountain roads.

Similarly, we expect guests to be competent to hike, ski or snowshoe into the hut. We do not give refunds if guests are unable to reach the hut. It is rugged mountain terrain. In winter, guests must be capable of backcountry navigation, breaking trail, avalanche assessment, avoidance and more. Do not reserve the hut if you or anyone in your party is novice, unprepared, physically unable, improperly equipped or inexperienced. Nor are refunds given for avalanche danger levels exceeding a party's comfort zone.

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