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Driving directions

Note: The Forestry Service Road (FSR) is rugged in some areas and 4x4 vehicles are recommended.

The trailhead to Watersprite Lake begins about 20km up a series of Forestry Service Roads to the east of Squamish. From Vancouver, drive to Highway #1 and enter the highway heading westbound. Following Highway #1 towards Horseshoe Bay and then merge onto Highway #99: The Sea To Sky Highway heading towards Squamish. Follow the scenic Sea To Sky Highway northbound for about 40km.

About 1.5km after passing the Sea To Sky Gondola, turn right onto the gravel Mamquam River FSR and zero your odometer (note: this turnoff is just before the 4-way stop by Chances Casino, so if you reach the intersection, you will need to turn back). Follow the Mamquam River FSR for the next 13.2km as it starts out relatively smooth but becomes bumpy and steeper in some sections. At the 13.2km mark, turn left and drive over the bridge crossing the Mamquam River. Drive past the parking area for the kayak put-in at 9 Mile Bridge on your left before crossing a second bridge over Skookum Creek.

Just after crossing the second bridge, you reach a junction in the road with two large signs fastened between log pylons on the left. Turn left and pass between the signs as you are now on the Skookum Dam FSR. Pass the power station on your left and continue to follow the Skookum Creek FSR as it steadily climbs through a fairly bumpy section of road while offering views of the valley to the right.

Near the 16km mark, you reach a junction in the road next to a huge metal air vent that looks like a giant candy cane. Go left at this junction to continue to the new trailhead for Watersprite Lake as the road continues through a relatively flat section for a bit before climbing up a very steep hill and then descending a short time later.

The road ends at a metal gate and large parking area near the Skookum Dam. Park your vehicle here and begin the hike near the metal gate.

Watersprite Lake Trail

Watersprite Lake Trail