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No Show Policy – Effective 10pm on Check-in Date

Recreation Sites and Trails BC has a No Show Policy with regards to reservations (this is a government policy).

All reservations are held until 10pm of the scheduled check-in date. If the reservation holder does not arrive by 10 PM on the reservation arrival date, the entire reservation will be forfeited. No refund will be provided and the site will become available to First Come First Serve (FCFS) campers.

If you arrive after 10 PM or the following day and wish to camp, if a site is available you will have to pay to camp as a FCFS camper. Your reservation is no longer valid.

In addition to us not being permitted to hold sites when a reservation does not show up, the public is aware of this policy and often they are waiting in line for these sites.

Please do not email us asking for an exception to this policy.

We do not have the authority to change the government policies that are in place.

NO exceptions will be made to our cancel/refund/no-show policy.
This includes, but not limited to: errors when making a reservation, campground evictions, inclement weather, air quality, personal reasons, medical reasons, vehicle problems, vacating your campsite early, etc.