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Check-In time is after 1:00 PM, but before 10pm (early check in may sometimes be permitted depending on availability, but not guaranteed).

Check-Out Time is before 12:00 Noon.

The time between check-out and check-in is to allow the host time to ensure the campsite is clean, damage free and ready for use by the next camper.

In our Campgrounds, if a campsite was unoccupied the night before or if the host has already checked the campsite, you may be allowed to check in early, but we can not guaranteed an early check-in and you may have to wait until 1pm. Please check with the on-site host before occupying a campsite earlier than 1pm.


The most popular campsites (all sites during the summer months), are quite often booked back to back and we need time to check the site to ensure it is ready for the next camper. With many campers all checking-out at noon, reservation holders might NOT be able to check-in early. If you have a reservation, please do not arrive at the campground and expect to set up your tent prior to 1 pm.

Open/Close Dates for Camping Season

All dates may change based on weather and host availability.

Watersprite Lake Campground - open July 1st to Thanksgiving long weekend.

Quiet Time

10:00 PM to 7:00 AM is Quiet Time.

During quiet time, all music must be off.

Please be respectful of other campers and keep conversations and laughter volumes low. Sound can travel quite far throughout the campground and may disturb other campers.

Please respect other campers.

Noise should be kept to a minimum at all times, not just during quiet time.

When Can I Make a Reservation?
All Reservations are done Online only.
Our reservation system is open 24 hrs a day.

Please check the online reservation calendar for reservation availability.

Check our Open/Close Dates before making a reservation.

Watersprite Lake Campground
  • Reservations in Campgrounds, can be made NOT MORE than 60 Days in Advance of your ARRIVAL DATE (not departure date)
  • You can make your reservation at one second after 12:00 am (midnight) up to 30 days prior to your arrival date.