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Watersprite Lake is a superb and scenic area for hiking, climbing, scrambling, ski mountaineering, snowshoeing, and mountaineering.

Any trails out side of the main campground may have fallen trees, ice and snow, and other hazards. Use at your own risk. Trails within the campgrounds are suitable for walking.


Watersprite Lake is located in a harsh mountain environment. Participation in Outdoor Activities involves many risks, dangers and hazards. The terrain around Watersprite Lake is uncontrolled, unmarked, not inspected. Avalanches and rock fall occur frequently in the terrain around Watersprite Lake that is used for Climbing, Scrambling, Ski Touring and Mountaineering and may be caused by natural forces or by persons travelling through the terrain. Those engaged in outdoor activities in and around Watersprite Lake do so at their own risk.
For Trip Planning Advice please visit Adventure Smart BC at:

Visitors / Day Use

Day users are allowed to visit Watersprite Lake.
We do not have dedicated space for day users and do NOT have picnic tables for day use. Campsites are for the use of paid overnight campers only.

We do not have real time communications with the campgrounds and are unable to provide availability reports.